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Chernomorets is located 24 km south-east of Burgas, on the southern shore of the large Burgas Bay.

The small town has a superb location in a kind of hollow direct on a little bay with the shape of a blooming flower. In the old times called the Greeks this bay “Agios Nicholas” / Saint Nicholas / and that was the name of the small town of Chernomorets until 1951. Direction south-east is the Island of St.sia 002x600

John and the ancient Greek town of Sozopol. Chernomorets has four beaches, combined with beautiful rocks.
Each of them is different from the others - private and quite or crowded with people. The air temperature and water are relative
high throughout the whole summer.

Eastern part of Chernomorets is a rocky coast and is a favorite spot for lovers of water sports such as a diving or fishing. In the town there are numerous restaurants, cafes and pubs or for guests, who prefers the nightlife there are also discos. Along the shopping street are lined many restaurants that combine different evening-shows, drinks and good Bulgarian or international food, cooked by chefs.

Aproximately1.5 km from Chernomorets is located camping "Garden", kwon as the “Imperial Beach” gathering place of surfers.

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